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A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere but still have things like a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, etc. 

Virtual office operates as one unit to serve customers but do not exist in a fixed location. This type of set up is especially popular with startups and small businesses that want to minimize overhead.

Cost-effective practice – a real-time office may cost you a huge expense in many aspects. Either you have to rent or lease the commercial space, pay utilities, buy furniture, equipment and technology. The advantages of virtual offices cut down those expenses and help you in saving some cash, which you can invest in future business expansion.

Corporate mailing address – virtual offices offer you a professional mailing address.  By signing up for a virtual office, you create a physical office without committing a lease obligation, hence there is a little administrative relief for pennies a day. 

Increased business authority – the employers can take up home-based businesses and get the work done by the employees remotely.

Extended phone services – pursue a professional virtual environment by having a phone number, fax service, voicemail boxes, and even a virtual voice to handle calls without the need for a receptionist.

Fulfilled instant services – conventional setup involves extensive workforce and space for accommodating everyone and everything. In a virtual office, you can cater to all the business needs via a single-click in software. 

Work-Life balance for all – having virtual offices allows everyone to work efficiently from their safe space, which reduces stress levels and also gives enough time to spend with their loved ones.

Less time consumption – virtual offices reduce commute time, save the conveyance cost, and provide comfort.

Enhanced productivity – working from home reduces distraction and improves concentration at work, and so, even if you work for a limited number of hours, your productivity improves, and both the company as well as you benefit in monetary terms. 

Increased team size – without the barrier of fixed workspace and legal formalities, you can smoothly increase your team. This, in turn, creates a positive impact on your business growth as well as on your employees and customers.

Easy setup – virtual offices are easy to set up and easy to shut down as well, without the need to spend anything additional.

Yes, it varies depending on the selected packages and service providers.

  1. Dedicated local phone number
  2. Virtual Receptionist or Live professional receptionist to answer your calls in your company’s name
  3. Use of business lounge (Additional fees may apply)
  4. Use of private office space (Access to certain days depending on the package selected, office locations and service providers)
  5. Access to meeting room (Additional fees may apply)

With a dedicated local phone number, a virtual receptionist will answer your calls in your company’s name.

It depends on the selected package and service providers. For example, Address + Tel package gives you the access to free use of business lounges in 3000 locations worldwide.  Additional fees may apply.

Yes. You may sign up packages as many as you want. 

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